Sad After Sex?

A recently released study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reveals that 41% of men experience various forms of sadness after sexual intimacy with a partner. Men’s Variety spoke to Chicago psychologist Dr. Tyler Fortman about the research and its findings to gain his perspective.

Have a curved penis? Here is why?

Are you a guy with a curved penis? Does it hook to the left or right drastically, almost taking on a banana like quality? On the flip-side, do you have a bent penis, causing you to feel embarrassed and shy? To a lesser or greater degree, it is normal for all men to experience some type of curvature.

Morning Wood? Check This Out.

Do you wake up with a morning erection? Have you ever wondered why this happens? According to most of the scientific research, it is common for most men under 65 to experience a morning erection. In fact, the current data suggests that on average, most guys will experience an average of five erections a night.